Ration Shopping is more than a grocery site.

What is rationshopping?

Ration Shopping is more than a grocery site. We are completely independent, helping shoppers deliver grocery and diary products at their doorstep. Our free to use site aims to help shoppers save time on their grocery shopping. 

We were established in 2015 to provide shoppers with a wealth of information on grocery products. As a consumer champion we are proud to work for the customer to ensure they get the best value for their grocery, on each shopping. At Ration Shopping we take care of your entire daily needs.
Whether its delivering your grocery product at your doorstep.
Cutting your vegetable in the desired style.
Delivering milk daily without reminder at your preferred time.
and last but not the least delivering packed food when and what ever you need.
This is we “Ration shopping”. Delivering what you need and when you need.

Why should you use rationshopping?

Ration shopping aims at making your life free and joyful. Keeping the same thought process in mind we have introduce small small things on our website. Like delivering of Dairy product on daily basis without reminder. Giving you option for chopped vegetables and fruits. Even if you don’t like to cook on any day you can relay on us, we even deliver cooked food of your choice.

Off course we deliver grocery too at your doorstep.

Who is rationshopping for?

In short, everyone. If you buy ration – dairy products – vegetables and fruits then this is the site for you. 

Create your list: Make your list according to your preferences and add what ever you want to. We will source every thing and deliver at your doorstep. 

Membership for every day delivery: We deliver dairy products on daily basis without reminder. On a nominal fee charge. 

Tiffin box: You can create your choice of tiffin and we will be happy to deliver it. We offer Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner. 

Chopped Vegetable and Fruits: We even deliver chopped vegetables and fruits. Not to worry we keep full hygiene while doing so. We also deliver raw vegetables and fruins. Nit to worry we ksep fI'll hhygiene while doing so. WE also deliver raw vegetables and friuts.

What can I buy from rationshopping?

We at rationshopping span the range of grocery products from bakery to beauty, poultry to pets and household products to hampers. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality range of groceries, dairy products, Vegetables and fruits. 

Happy Shopping with rationshopping.com